Palmdale 2045 The Community's Vision for the future

The Palmdale 2045 General Plan is a policy document required by State law that provides long range guidance for various City issues including development, economic growth, open space, and many more!

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Our Vision

Palmdale is a thriving, safe, socially, and economically diverse community where people of all ages live and work in harmony. Palmdale offers affordable living, high quality jobs and educational opportunities in a beautiful high desert setting.


Based on the vision themes and guiding principles, each topic gathers goals and policies from across the plan chapters related to its focus, reflecting the unique needs and priorities for Palmdale residents.

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Community Snapshot

To capture the local social fabric of the City, the following community profile was developed with data from the 2020 American Community Survey. Click each graphic to expand.

Air Quality

OUTCOME: Improved air quality for all residents.


  • Improved air quality with increased landscaping and trees.


  • Expanded tree canopy, especially in disadvantaged communities.



  • Reduced exposure to toxic air pollution from industrial facilities.


  • Increase in the percentage of housing units, especially in disadvantaged communities, with air pollution reduction features and other measures that eliminate pollutants.
  • Reduce smoking in public outdoor places in accordance with Ordinance No. 1580 and/or Ordinance No. 1571.
Health & Quality of Life

OUTCOME: Improved health and quality of life, and lower rates of chronic diseases, among all residents.


  • Greater opportunities for physical activity.


  • Increase in the proportion of residents living within a 20-minute walking distance from a dedicated public park, school, or multi-use trail.



  • Improved access to healthy food.


  • Increase in the proportion of residents living within a 20-minute walking distance of a grocery store, farmers market, community garden, or other healthy food retailer.

OUTCOME: Diverse housing options including mixed-use and affordable options, for existing and future residents.


  • Diversified housing stock in Palmdale.


  • Substantial increase in new multifamily housing units by 2045, 20% of which are affordable to families earning less than 80% of the area median income.
Equitable Economy

OUTCOME: An equitable local economy that provides career pathways and economic opportunities for existing residents, especially local youth.


  • Expanded economic opportunities for existing residents.


  • Increase in the number of youths who participate in job training programs and are connected to employment opportunities in local industries.
Vision Themes and Guiding Principles

Described below are values and direction for Palmdale 2045, set forth by the Palmdale community that chart a course for the future of the City. Vision themes paint a picture of what Palmdale will look like in the future, serving as a foundation for policies and implementation actions. While guiding principles provide further details on a vision theme and serve as a framework for future decision making. Together, the vision themes and guiding principles establish the basis for each element of Palmdale 2045, reflecting the unique needs and priorities for Palmdale residents. Through an extensive community engagement process, the vision themes and guiding principles were vetted by the community; initially prepared with input from the Palmdale General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC), community members, and later confirmed by the Planning Commission and City Council.